About Elle Williams

Welcome to Beauty for Elle. My name is Elle Williams and I love makeup and Fashion. I am both a makeup artist, Hairstylist and Fashion Stylist so what better way to combine my passions than to write about them?

I started this blog so that I can collate all the information I learn about makeup, hair, and fashion in the form of the latest beauty news, tutorials, makeup tips as well as product reviews, photos and swatches about products that I use, be they good or bad! Please note that all opinions on this blog are mine alone unless otherwise stated and based on personal experience. I purchase all the products myself, unless I state otherwise, so all reviews are completely unbiased. If I like them I will say so, if I don’t, I’ll tell it like it is.

I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia but in 2016 I moved to Brisbane Australia and now call this place home. I spent many years working as a freelance makeup artist and a freelance Stylist.

I love playing around with makeup on myself and others and believe that makeup is a way to enhance our natural beauty. I think everyone should feel good in their own skin and if makeup helps us to achieve that, great. No one is born able to apply makeup, we have to learn how to do it. I found out after studying as a makeup artist that I had been applying most of my makeup incorrectly for years, but I learned, and continue to learn and hope others can learn too.