How to do Makeup for a First Date

Preparing for a good first date presents a lot of pressure. Feeling nervous and jittered is perfectly normal and should therefore not come as a surprise. This is because you have to figure out the kind of outfit to wear, hairstyle to put on and the appropriate makeup for first dates. It is never wise to try out a new hairstyle, persona, dress sense or makeup in an attempt to impress. Remember, he asked you out because he really likes you so simplicity is the best way to go for first dates. Nonetheless, an extra touch of glamour to your regular look won’t hurt.

It is possible to look glamorous and at your best with the following fist date makeup tips:

Apply foundation with the help of a makeup sponge instead of a traditional brush. This is because it will keep the coverage as sheer as is humanly possible thus preventing your face from developing the undesired look.

It is important to smell nice during a first date but it is also close to impossible to have knowledge of the kind of scent that your date will find attractive. It is not advisable to select an overwhelmingly strong perfume because it might have a negative impact on him. Instead, go for a fresh scent that is bound to appeal to the senses.

Eye shadow
Use a slightly shimmery neutral shadow to make your eyes sparkle. Furthermore, add some dimension to the eyes through the application of eyeliner on both the lower and upper eyelids.

It is a good idea to highlight your eye lashes on your first date and this is one area that you are allowed to go heavy. Ensure that you select a mascara which is not unnatural. You are allowed to apply 2 – 3 coats of mascara to guarantee that your eyes pop in an attractive way.

The secret to having stunning eyebrows lies in keeping the arch as natural as possible. Try to use an eyebrow powder which matches your hair perfectly. Afterwards, use a fine brush to apply it to both eyebrows. You can finish up by blending with a spoolie.

It is mandatory to have rosy pink cheeks on a first date. Go for a poppy shade as it works best. Use a round blush brush to blend the formula on the apples of your cheeks before sweeping upwards at an angle. This is very important especially when you are going for your first date.

It is best to stay away from gloss and lipstick options because they are topo messy. A lip tint is a better option because it is guaranteed to stay put throughout the date. Simply dab the convenient rosy liquid on the lips with the help of the product’s applicator brush before blending with fingertips. Ensure to quickly blend because it dries up very fast.

Makeup for first date is meant to effectively represent the person that you are and that is why it should never be overdone with drama. You are beautiful as you are so believe in that and go with that attitude to your first date.

How Photography Makeup is Different From Everyday Makeup

You probably know how to apply your makeup for your everyday use, but do you know how to apply these beauty products for a photo shoot? When you want to apply a makeup for a photograph, there is a little more work that is involved than when applying a makeup for an ordinary day. However, the good news is that it is not a difficult task to apply a makeup so that you look good for a photo session. Most photographers will need a makeup artist for their photo shoots. The photography studio I have done work with Belle-Vous Photography always has a makeup artist around during all their shoots. Working for photographers is a great way for us makeup artist to make extra money. Continue reading and you will learn a few tips on how you can apply the beauty products when you are working for a photographer.

Base Coat
A good base coat is very crucial when you are applying a makeup. You can find very good foundation coats on the market today that is specially meant for this purpose. When you are applying a base coat, ensure that you apply it generously. When applying this base, picture yourself going out for a night out with girls, apply it toughly.
Another thing to consider is your chin or neck. It is advisable that you match the colour of your foundation coat with your chin because if it does not match, the camera is likely to pick the colour of the foundation coat.

After you have applied the base coat, next you should apply the concealer. A concealer is important because it will help to hide any skin imperfection such as scars, under eye circles e.t.c. that you might have.
Ensure that the concealer has a lighter shade than the tone of your skin. However, if any part of your skin has any imperfection, apply more of the concealer on those areas because it will help to conceal any skin blemishes and lighten up your skin tone.

Applying the Powder
The powder is crucial because it helps to finish off the base look. There are powders that are specially meant for photography so ensure that you buy this.
The work of the powder in your makeup is that it will help to prevent any shine on the face that either the base coat or concealer might have hence it will give you a perfect looking matte on the face. Ensure that the powder you are using matches with the concealer.

Ensure that you apply a heavy brusher by sweeping it across your cheeks. It helps to highlight the cheek bone.

Eye Makeup
You should apply a good eye makeup because it will help to bring brighten up your eyes and draw you into the photograph.
You can also apply a light eye shadow in order to brighten up the eyes and draw the camera’s light to this area. However, ensure that the eye shadow you are using complements what you are wearing.

Lip Colour
The lip colour that you use here should be darker than what you use on your normal makeup.In conclusion, therefore, applying a makeup for your photo shoot is a bit different from the day to day makeup but it is not as tough as thought if you follow the tips I given highlighted above. All the best in your next photo shoot

How to Do Your Own Bridal Makeup

Once your wedding day comes, you are on the top of the world and on this special day, you deserve the best of all things. This holds true for the make for the special day as well. Are you aware that it is possible to have the best Bridal makeup by yourself? Wondering, if that is really possible? Paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few effective tricks and tips in that regard that will enable you to accomplish this plan.

Emphasize on facial

Healthy and glowing skin is the best foundation to give you the perfect look for the big day. The makeup of the bride should give the maximum importance on the aspect of the health and the shine of the skin, to be precise the face. Hence, you are ought to emphasize on facial.

Beauty experts suggest that you should not wait till the 11th hour to do the needful. Rather, you should try to get the facial done, at least, 4 to 5 times, before the Grand Day and ensure you have one more session, a day before the ceremony. In the opinion of the experts, fruit facials will be the best option to embrace as it will hydrate the skin, eliminate the marks, produce through exfoliation and most importantly, turns the skin supple and soft. You can stay assured that the efforts you put to undergo these steps will produce the best outcome.

Apply a primer

The makeup on the special day should start with the application of moisturizer cream, followed by the application of a primer. This will serve as a corrector for the time being, feeling up the larger pores and smoothing the fine lines.

Depending on the skin texture and condition, use the illuminating primer to bring an instant radiance, while you will require using the Mattifying primer to reduce the excess shine. You require using the primers for the eyes as well.

Get the perfect foundation

Powdered Foundation comes highly effective is setting the makeup, however, if you are applying foundation excessively, it will simply give a dry and older appearance to the skin. Hence, you need to apply the foundation to the right extent, so that a balance is kept between these two outcomes.

Refrain from makeup that contain SPF

The Titanium and Zinc oxide present in these creams can create a white cast in the photographs and hence, you should refrain from applying such makeup for the big day.

You should define your eyebrows

Even if you are not blessed with the perfect crafted eyebrows, you should always define it as per its natural shape so that it gives a proper definition to your face.

In this context, it will make sense to state that you should refrain from using white powders and sparkling agents, all together, while taking the bridal makeup. Most importantly, consider taking the makeup by your own, if you are thoroughly conversant with it. Else, it will be always be a better option to avail the professional services so that you get the perfect appearance on the special day.