How Photography Makeup is Different From Everyday Makeup

You probably know how to apply your makeup for your everyday use, but do you know how to apply these beauty products for a photo shoot? When you want to apply a makeup for a photograph, there is a little more work that is involved than when applying a makeup for an ordinary day. However, the good news is that it is not a difficult task to apply a makeup so that you look good for a photo session. Most photographers will need a makeup artist for their photo shoots. The photography studio I have done work with Belle-Vous Photography always has a makeup artist around during all their shoots. Working for photographers is a great way for us makeup artist to make extra money. Continue reading and you will learn a few tips on how you can apply the beauty products when you are working for a photographer.

Base Coat
A good base coat is very crucial when you are applying a makeup. You can find very good foundation coats on the market today that is specially meant for this purpose. When you are applying a base coat, ensure that you apply it generously. When applying this base, picture yourself going out for a night out with girls, apply it toughly.
Another thing to consider is your chin or neck. It is advisable that you match the colour of your foundation coat with your chin because if it does not match, the camera is likely to pick the colour of the foundation coat.

After you have applied the base coat, next you should apply the concealer. A concealer is important because it will help to hide any skin imperfection such as scars, under eye circles e.t.c. that you might have.
Ensure that the concealer has a lighter shade than the tone of your skin. However, if any part of your skin has any imperfection, apply more of the concealer on those areas because it will help to conceal any skin blemishes and lighten up your skin tone.

Applying the Powder
The powder is crucial because it helps to finish off the base look. There are powders that are specially meant for photography so ensure that you buy this.
The work of the powder in your makeup is that it will help to prevent any shine on the face that either the base coat or concealer might have hence it will give you a perfect looking matte on the face. Ensure that the powder you are using matches with the concealer.

Ensure that you apply a heavy brusher by sweeping it across your cheeks. It helps to highlight the cheek bone.

Eye Makeup
You should apply a good eye makeup because it will help to bring brighten up your eyes and draw you into the photograph.
You can also apply a light eye shadow in order to brighten up the eyes and draw the camera’s light to this area. However, ensure that the eye shadow you are using complements what you are wearing.

Lip Colour
The lip colour that you use here should be darker than what you use on your normal makeup.In conclusion, therefore, applying a makeup for your photo shoot is a bit different from the day to day makeup but it is not as tough as thought if you follow the tips I given highlighted above. All the best in your next photo shoot