How to do Makeup for a First Date

Preparing for a good first date presents a lot of pressure. Feeling nervous and jittered is perfectly normal and should therefore not come as a surprise. This is because you have to figure out the kind of outfit to wear, hairstyle to put on and the appropriate makeup for first dates. It is never wise to try out a new hairstyle, persona, dress sense or makeup in an attempt to impress. Remember, he asked you out because he really likes you so simplicity is the best way to go for first dates. Nonetheless, an extra touch of glamour to your regular look won’t hurt.

It is possible to look glamorous and at your best with the following fist date makeup tips:

Apply foundation with the help of a makeup sponge instead of a traditional brush. This is because it will keep the coverage as sheer as is humanly possible thus preventing your face from developing the undesired look.

It is important to smell nice during a first date but it is also close to impossible to have knowledge of the kind of scent that your date will find attractive. It is not advisable to select an overwhelmingly strong perfume because it might have a negative impact on him. Instead, go for a fresh scent that is bound to appeal to the senses.

Eye shadow
Use a slightly shimmery neutral shadow to make your eyes sparkle. Furthermore, add some dimension to the eyes through the application of eyeliner on both the lower and upper eyelids.

It is a good idea to highlight your eye lashes on your first date and this is one area that you are allowed to go heavy. Ensure that you select a mascara which is not unnatural. You are allowed to apply 2 – 3 coats of mascara to guarantee that your eyes pop in an attractive way.

The secret to having stunning eyebrows lies in keeping the arch as natural as possible. Try to use an eyebrow powder which matches your hair perfectly. Afterwards, use a fine brush to apply it to both eyebrows. You can finish up by blending with a spoolie.

It is mandatory to have rosy pink cheeks on a first date. Go for a poppy shade as it works best. Use a round blush brush to blend the formula on the apples of your cheeks before sweeping upwards at an angle. This is very important especially when you are going for your first date.

It is best to stay away from gloss and lipstick options because they are topo messy. A lip tint is a better option because it is guaranteed to stay put throughout the date. Simply dab the convenient rosy liquid on the lips with the help of the product’s applicator brush before blending with fingertips. Ensure to quickly blend because it dries up very fast.

Makeup for first date is meant to effectively represent the person that you are and that is why it should never be overdone with drama. You are beautiful as you are so believe in that and go with that attitude to your first date.