Tips For Getting Rid Of Acne Fast

A majority of people suffering from acne assume that to be cured that you have to spend dollar upon dollar on name brand medicine for it. In fact, little do many people know is that many miracle cures for acquiring a flawless skin is sitting right in their houses! Even if you do not have the items needed, they only cost about two or three bucks.
So here are some ideas and advice that will hopefully help you out.

Firstly you should make a habit of washing up your hands and face at least 3 times a day especially when you come home or while leaving home. The proper way of washing face is to softly rub your finger tips in a round motion, two times clockwise and the same anti clockwise. After this rinse your face with lukewarm water. It is highly advisable that you should not towel your face after washing it. The second most important tip is to use any physician prescribed skin lotion containing vitamin E. But before using any of these creams you should read the instructions carefully as most of them have many side effects.

You should break your habit of touching the face or acne directly as it contains germs that can be transferred from one person to another. Also, your fingers contain millions of germs and bacteria that will easily be transferred to your affected skin. Another important tip is to avoid using sunglasses and hats, besides this, you should be very careful while using hair products as their chemicals can cause harm to your skin affected by acne.

You do not need to have magical powers in order to get rid of your blemishes, but you might need something that involves the word “witch” in it, “witch hazel” that is. But do not worry. Although it sounds a little scary, it is actually very nice and gentle on the skin and is nothing to be afraid about. It kind of looks like baby oil, but is much more effective and smells nice. Simply dab some of it on a cloth or wash rag and rub it all over your face. The witch hazel will dry out the pimples and make the rest of your face smooth.

Another great not so secret miracle product to use for your face is a little something I like to call Vaseline. A lot of people fail to realize that skin blemishes are sometimes caused by dry skin, and not just oily skin. Sometimes your face is due to a little oil. Vaseline does just that. It gives your face some moisture, but just enough to where it is healthy and not over done oily. Every night before bed, wash your face like usual and then dry it completely. After that, get a chunk of Vaseline on your finger and rub it all over your face. Make sure it is almost like a layer over your face and is not rubbed in all the way.

Remember that by researching and comparing the best acne solutions products, you will get the treatment that is right for you. Fortunately, it has been reported the effectiveness of some prescribed medication. Also, there are natural remedies and treatments that are very safe and work to attaining a flawless skin.